Specialists in the development of industrial equipment made to the customer's needs.

Manufacture of furnaces for heat treatment, melting, maintenance, forging, specific processes and others.

Manufacture of washers for single processes, batch, continuous production, vacuum washing and others.

We treat your part well with the best heat treatment processes in the industry.

About Us

Complete solution for the industry

Somos um dos maiores fabricantes de equipamentos para soluções em aquecimento. Oferecemos ao mercado a solução completa: fornos, estufas, lavadoras, processos de tratamento térmico para os produtos em aço, ferro fundido e alumínio; assistência técnica especializada e corpo técnico altamente qualificado nas áreas da metalurgia, mecânica, elétrica e automação.

Há mais de 32 anos

Passionate about heat treatment


All of our products and services go through a strict quality management system.

◎    ISO 9001:2015 certified products and services
◎    Laboratory for analyzes and tests
◎    Organization of processes with the 5S Program
◎ Regular internal audits


Commitment to Sustainability

Respect for the environment is part of the values we believe in. Therefore, we seek sustainable means for the execution of all our processes.

Certification in Renewable Energy

Based on several measures, we reduced our CO2 emissions by 105,305 tons and started using photovoltaic electricity, contributing to environmental preservation and savings.


Over the past 20 years, we have planted and ensured the conservation of more than 2910 trees at our headquarters.

Sustainable Processes

Our tempering heat treatment uses recyclable mineral oil. We monitor all collection steps to ensure proper disposal.


We separate garbage for selective collection, where more than 45 tons of paper and cardboard are recycled annually. We carry out campaigns to collect cans, with donations to APAE.


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