It is the heat treatment that follows the quenching process and aims to reduce internal stresses generated in the part, adjust the hardness to the desired work range, as well as to reach the appropriate values of mechanical strength and toughness.

The process consists of heating the metal evenly to a temperature below that of austenitization, keeping the material at this temperature for enough time to equalize the temperature and obtain the desired properties.

Grefortec also manufactures furnaces for Tempering, such as:

Grefortec Maintenance

We have a qualified team to handle corrective and preventive maintenance on industrial equipment from our brand and also from other manufacturers. Our professionals are trained and qualified in accordance with the Safety Regulations. We go to your company to carry out maintenance on site.


Of production time is wasted due to lack of maintenance


Of industrial companies use preventive maintenance


It is the Grefortec maintenance satisfaction index

Renovations and Retrofit

Team specialized in general renovations, recovering everything from the structure and plating to the electronic parts. Grefortec also has Know-how for retrofit services, refractory and insulation reforms.


Our technical team is available for you with the possibility of carrying out maintenance in loco, without the need to travel. We come to your company!

Spare Parts

Resistors, radiant tubes, conveyor chains, atmosphere recirculators, baskets, grids and miscellaneous items:




Radiant Tubes




Atmosphere Circulators


Baskets and Grilles


Miscellaneous items

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